Wednesday, August 13, 2014

// Suja Cleanse //

O N C E  again, I have been terrible at posting. Life, adventures, new jobs and opportunities have gotten in the way of more than just my blogging. My healthy lifestyle of eating and exercise has been neglected, and my body was not happy. With eating bad foods, and less exercise, I notice I sleep less, feel tired, get more headaches, and am less motivated to function. Let's face it, I get freakin lazy.

I always hate when this happens, and YES, it happens to everyone. No matter how perfect of a person, we all deviate and fail at some point. But the beauty of falling is you can always get back up, this time, more prepared and ready to fight off those bad temptations. For me, getting back into routine calls for drastic measures. Okay..not THAT drastic, but I know I need to do something to kick start healthy habits. For me, that kick start (to some, major push of a cliff to get your booty moving)  is a cleanse.

Now now, let's not all freak out. Cleanses are NOT as scary as you may think. Especially if you do them correctly and safely. And that, is why I always choose Suja Juice.

Suja is a juice company based in La Jolla (yay! local!). You can find their juice at Whole Foods, Ralphs and Costco. With Suja, you have the option to do a 1, 3 or 5 day cleanse. This time, I chose to do the 3 day cleanse, which includes 6-16oz juices to be consumed each day. Now you may be asking, what makes Suja SO special, and why did I choose it?...Well my friends, here are my reasons why, and why you should try it too!

  1. Its convenient!  It is hard to fail at something when it is so easy. I don't know about you, but carrying a jug around, or having to make your juice as you go is waaay too much work for me. Suja is prebottled and ready to go anywhere, literally. Throw it in your bag, cooler, backpack or purse, and off you go! It is so easy to do during work and busy days!
  2. It is not the same juice all day! You heard me! You get 6 juices that are all unique and vary in healthy ingredients. For me, this is what makes this cleanse so easy. You will actually fill up on all of the different juices, rather than just be stuck with one, plain, old, boring juice all day. Trust me, I eat like a baby dinosaur and get verrryy cranky when I am not fed (literally every two hours or hear me ROAR!). So if I don't get hungry, neither will you. If you do, that is okay! Suja provides recipes and snack tips to cure your hunger and inner dino.
  3. It's organic! FOR REAL! All of the ingredients are raw, cold pressed organic juices. Suja takes time to pick out the best quality products to insure that you are getting the best possible juice and live up to their name of "long, beautiful life".
  4. It's yummy! Let's be real for a sec, OK? No one wants to gulp down nasty, pulpy juice that tastes and smells terrible. Period. I am one of those people. I thought I would never be able to drink carrot, or kale juice, but that was until I met Suja. Who knew greens could taste so good? I was actually excited each day as my cleanse progressed because everything tastes so darn good!
  5. It makes you feel good! For me, day one is always the hardest. My body is getting rid of toxins and being loaded with amazing fruits and vegetables. But once I get to the evening of my first day, I don't even want all of the bad food I was eating before. My body starts to crave fruits and vegetables and a cleaner lifestyle. By day two, my skin is glowing, I feel refreshed and energized and am ready to tackle the day. By the end of day 3, my body is craving more yummy juice and healthy foods. Succes? I'd say so. 

Those are only 5 reasons why I love Suja (believe me, there are about a million more!). If you want more information about Suja, visit For more information specifically about their cleanse, along with recipes, tips and tricks, visit Check it out, and see for yourself why Suja is the BEST!

NOTE: Everyone is different and our bodies all react to cleanses in different ways. If you have health problems or concerns, are very active, or have never done a cleanse before, consult your doctor or physician before doing a cleanse. Always remember to drink lots and LOTS of water when cleansing to keep your body healthy and hydrated.

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